Taking the church to the community model. This is simply the conviction of the Community Church Ministries’ philosophy and approach to ministry. We want to start churches that start, run, grow and reproduce themselves. We don’t want to start churches that keeps the program going. We don’t want to be seen or know. We ant to make Jesus seen and know through our humble services to humanity. Amen


žA holistic disciple making church for every person in every unreached community.



žPlanting and multiplying healthy disciple making churches in un-reached communities.


To train and send workers who plant healthy churches that transform lives and communities for the expansion of God’s kingdom.


Ebenezer preaching the message

BACKGROUND TEXT: Isaiah 1:17; Micah 6:8

This philosophy of ministry is simply a demonstration of seeing our church NOT ONLY as those who come within the four walls of your church buildings, but the entire community in which our church is located and beyond. This philosophy also demonstrates how we try to love our neighbors as ourselves, prioritizing the poor, sick, hungry, naked, strangers, thirsty, prisoners, widows and orphans. In other  words, this is simply a demonstration of the Good Samaritan philosophy to ministry approach. Jesus said to his audience, “ Go and do likewise.” (Luke10:37)


HOLISTIC HEALTHY CHURCH PLANTING: In the last two years, we began 7 new churches! This is exclusive of the other 15 churches we began since 1998. We also obediently preach and teach the gospel, baptize new converts, counsel people, hold fast and prayers, revival meetings, strategic leaders training, emerging leaders and  potential leaders (uncut diamonds) training, visitations, weddings, burials like any bible based church around the world would do. What I am about to share stems from our HEART POWER PRINCIPLES.

TEEN CHURCH: God used us to influence over 10,000 children in the different communities where our local churches exist. This model is intentionally set in place to reproduce our next generation of workers, and leaders. It has a qualified Pastor coaching this church plant. This isn’t a children church.

This led us to begin using water as a tool that facilitates our church planting process. God used us to drill two strategic hand pumps in two strategic communities (Rock Hill/ School of the Blind). Rock Hill has over 1000 residents while the School of the Blind has over 30 students and staff. Exclusive of those two hand pumps we have drilled over 53 hand pumps in Montserrado, Bong and Margibi respectively.