By the grace of God, we have developed 176 strategic, emerging and potential (uncut diamond) leaders from within. “The more the workers, the greater the harvest.” Oscar


In 2005, God used us to start a new church in a village after Cooper’s Farm on the main highway leading up country. Two months after we began outreach efforts, there was an outbreak of petrifying sores on almost every body. We prayed and while praying we asked our selves what else can we do? We don’t have what it takes to serve these people. We cleared our coffers and intervened. We mobilized 3 nurses, assorted medications that led to the treatment of 356 patients for three weeks. This gesture triggered a rapid church growth and this also led us to drill our very first hand pump project for over 350 residents in 2009. Glory to God!!!


In the Soul Clinic area, God used us to help shelter, feed, provide, bags of rice, bags of cements, and bundles of zinc to 863 community residents in 2014.


With the state of the art technology, God used us to have tested over 5000 persons, provided reading and prescription glasses, ran eye operations for 5 persons in Montserrado and Bong Counties respectively since 2012.



  • Distributed 560 buckets, anti Ebola materials to over 26 destinations around strategic place during the peak of Ebola in 2014.
  • Distributed 20 bags of rice to 3 Ebola quarantined families in Kakata during the peak of Ebola in 2014.
  • One of our youth groups served deliciously prepared food to Police officers and prisoners at a Police station in Paynesville in February 2015.
  • Paid tuition for 121 orphans and semi orphans regardless of religion and denomination in Montserrado, Margibi Counties in 2015.
  • Paid the rental fees for an Ebola survival and her three kids. We are also schooling the kids. This lady was abandoned by her boyfriend since she was hit by Ebola.
  • In the process of adopting 10 orphans into our membership. Provide 14 bags of rice for caretakers of these orphans.
  • God used us to have shared over 1112 pallet cartoons of rice with each cartoon containing 36 packets. We distributed these food items across denominational lines and it served 38, 556 persons.
  • Run a feeding program at two of our five schools for less fortunate kids from our church communities. We fed 390 kids with rice and doughnuts daily since 2014.
  • We have initiated a girl empowerment program through our first church by we help stimulate the potentials of our young girls and provide financial resources


By the grace of God he blessed us through one of our Elders who gave us 27.2 acres of land. We initiated a pineapple plantation of over 16,000 pineapples to facilitate our church planting and sustain our church planters.

We also initiated a piggery of 82 American breed hugs to sustain our church planting process. Out of this piggery was birth a 21 bundles of zinc church that now has a school in the Omega area.

Through the Holy Spirit we have initiated an empowerment project that helps empower 4 of our Pastors so that they are challenged to labor for God and not be afraid to retire.


We mobilized 73 men to work for 3 months to open a 5 mile road that is used by over 5000 residents behind Bong Mines.

We also initiated a three room toilet in the 24th Street Community that is used by most resident along that blocked street belt.

Ran an HIV/AIDS workshop in collaboration with UNMIL facilitators for our 24th Street Community.

These community development initiatives are in addition to the many hands pumps we have drilled that helps improves the health aspect of our church/communities.


It takes money to run such an extra mile holistic ministry, but we are convicted it is money that follows ministry and not vice versa. In short, we don’t wait for the funds before we start, we start and then the money comes. Just start small and be faithful!

We are convinced God wants to transform lives and communities in Liberia holistically for His glory. Here is a critical question. If He isn’t going use us(church) then who? If He isn’t going to do it in our generation, then when? Think about! To God be all the glory thank you.